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Everything From Tree Evaluations To Soil Analysis

Removing a dead tree will add to your house's aesthetic appeal and help protect your home by preventing the tree from falling on it. After Arbor-Scapes Consulting LLC inspects your tree, we can recommend the proper actions to take, whether it's removal or just pruning. Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, for more information.

Dependable Tree Inspections

If you're concerned that something is wrong with a tree, Arbor-Scapes Consulting LLC can give you peace of mind. The key points that we discuss in our initial consultation include tree health, proper pruning, and potential hazards. Our tree hazard evaluation will let you know with certainty whether or not a tree could harm your home.

Arbor-Scapes Consulting LLC will evaluate your tree for signs of insects, diseases, structural problems, and root issues. If we find sick trees, we can feed them to help restore their health. A tree's roots can also become very troublesome and damaging if they get into your foundation or driveway. We can recommend cutting the roots and keeping the tree alive. If the tree is too close to the driveway, we will remove it for you. We can also install a tree with a root barrier, making sure the roots don't penetrate the foundation.

If you are going to buy a house, we recommend a pre-purchase tree evaluation. You may find that the big trees that came with the house you bought are going to cost thousands of dollars to remove. There are certain trees that get to a certain age and begin to deteriorate, or they might get infested with insects requiring a removal. Nearby trees that are sick can lead to the tree falling on your home, and installing a new roof can be very costly.

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Offering a Wide Variety Of Affordable Services

Arbor-Scapes Consulting LLC can help keep you and your family safe. Our areas of professional concentration include:

  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Tree & Landscape Inspection & Diagnosis
  • Tree Hazard Evaluation
  • Insurance & Loss Appraisal
  • Tree Preservation
  • Tree Preservation During Construction
  • Litigation Support
  • Plant Materials Selection & Establishment
  • Tree Inspection
  • Tree Inventory for Site Development
  • Tree Preservation Plans, Mitigation Plans, & Maintenance Programs
  • Soil Samples & Analysis
  • Arborist Reports & Management Plans
  • Specifications for Tree Care
  • Pre-Purchase Tree Inspection